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Here is what our clients say..


Beth -  finds Pilates helps her sit for long hours at work, and also prevents running injuries...

I have been attending Warrandyte Pilates since October 2014. I like coming here because the instructors are excellent, supportive and friendly, and I love doing Pilates on reformers. The small group numbers also mean the instructors can get to know our capabilities and are able to adapt the level of challenge of each exercise to suit individuals. 

I began doing Pilates to increase my overall strength and stability, partly because I get shoulder and neck pain from doing computer work all day, and partly because I was getting occasional running injuries. Since I started doing pilates, I very rarely get shoulder and neck pain, and haven't had any running injuries. The thing I didn't expect and perhaps appreciate the most, is the feeling of switching off and relaxing my mind when doing pilates, despite getting a great physical workout. 

Beth, Health Researcher


Peter's Story - he used clinical Pilates to help with his disc prolapse, he now does small group sessions...

I  came to see Kym at Warrandyte Pilates after 6 months of physiotherapy from a lower back injury. My physiotherapist recommended Pilates as additional treatment. I had a lumbar disc prolapse which was quite a severe injury to my lower back.. I was very sore and was having difficulty and pain with most movements.


I did clinical Pilates with Kym for the first six months working through exercises that were designed specifically to help me recover. After this time I was able to join into the small group classes and I have been doing them twice per week ever since. 


My movement is much better and now I feel much better overall, however I still have a few aches that I have to keep working on. I need to continue with Pilates classes to maintain my current wellbeing.


I would recommend Warrandyte Pilates for anyone with a condition such as mine or for general well being. 


Peter,  Fencing Contractor


Cathy  - says coming to Pilates helps her feel more energised and prevents low back pain...

Coming to Pilates helps me feel more energised and stronger. Sometime I get lower back pain and Pilates seems to help with this. I know when I haven’t been for a while I start to feel achy and sore. The instructors are excellent and if I need to change a class I can easily do this online or in person.


Cathy, Desktop Publisher

Madhuma  - says  "doing regular Pilates I am decidedly stronger now in my 50's, than I was in

my 40's.. I look forward to maintaining my mobility, independence and height for many years to come."

Madhuma, Dance Teacher

Gill  - has been attending for three years...Pilates benefits her body and brain!

The studio is a welcoming community of friendly people at all stages of fitness. All the teachers are outstanding - they are encouraging, motivating and highly skilled. The classes are designed to exercise different parts of the body, but with a focus area each week. This keeps the classes diverse and enjoyable. I never feel bored. The studio is very well run - it’s easy to organise classes and pay for sessions in person or online. Being able to get a remedial massage at the studio is a bonus.


Pilates benefits my brain as much as my body! The classes combine balance and stretching with strengthening exercises, which is the best combination for an ‘older’ body. Having to coordinate my movements is a good mental workout too. After three years, I’m much stronger and healthier, so my body can put up with long days sitting in front of a computer. Going to a regular class each week forces me to stop for an hour and take some time to look after myself. Sometimes I arrive at the classes feeling stiff and sore, but I always walk away feeling more mobile and even a bit taller! And we always have time for a quick chat and a laugh during class.


Gill,  Writer/Editor



Rachel  - finds Pilates helps her with cycling long distances and keeps her back strong...

Its great to go somewhere local where there are integrated services (massage/Pilates) run by trained professionals using good pilates equipment with small classes.


Warrandyte Pilates and Physical Therapies helps keep my middle aged body in good working order!  Core strength gained from pilates helps with my  other physical activities (cycling/running) and the massage helps recover from all the activity and to manage a couple of old injuries.


I first attended a pilates class about 14 years ago as rehab from a spinal injury at a studio Kym had in Fitzroy.  It was excellent rehab then and now Warrandyte Pilates helps to keep my back strong and flexible for all the cycling I do.


I cycle alot (100+ km per week).  Pilates develops core strength body muscles important for cycling which helps transfer more power to the pedals by providing a solid platform for the lower body to push against - and it helps support me through long rides.  Pilates has helped me become more self aware about what each part of my body is doing - which means I pay more attention to how I sit on the bike to get maximum power and minimum discomfort.


How does remedial massage help you?  Lets face it, I'm middle aged.  I do a lot of physical activity.  Like my car I need regular maintenance to keep everything working properly.


Rachel,  Public Servant/Cyclist








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