Small Group Equipment Sessions


We offer fifty minute Pilates  sessions on the Pilates reformers for a maximum of six people per class. We also incorporate stretching and some Pilates mat work as well. Due to the small size of our classes you can be sure you will receive constant instruction for the full session. We do not offer different levels of classes because we can adjust our classes to be more advanced or less advanced as required. For example an athlete may require a more challenging workout and someone recovering from a back injury will require a more subtle approach.

Whatever ones background, our Pilates clients develop a strong, toned, flexible body, improved breathing, reduced incidence and risk of back pain and a balanced musculoskeletal system.


Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is used more specifically to address a particular issue or injury you may have.  You will start with an initial assesment and introduction to Pilates and from here we will work a plan specific to your needs. Please contact us to make a time. Click here to read Peter's story..

How to get started - Call 9844 5781


Equipment group Class


The first step is to contact us to arrange an introductory session.  The introductory session is a private session just for you or you can choose to do it with a friend.

After completing the introductory session you will have a basic understanding from which to build upon when you join into small group classes.


This introductory session will include-

-an introduction to the general concept of Pilates and the exercise system

- a brief physical assessment and health history

-teach you key points that form the buidling blocks for Pilates eg. breathing , muscle activation, alignment

-perform introductory exercises on the Pilates Reformer equipment


Once you have completed your introductory session you can choose your equipment class times and begin! This will depend upon your current health status. All classes require bookings. This can be done via our online booking system or by us. 


Clinical Pilates


If you require clinical Pilates please call us to discuss your needs and we can assist you.  For your initial session we will discuss your needs, complete an assessment and begin planning a program that is specific to your needs. Kym will assist you for any clinical Pilates sessions. She has trained and qualified with the APPI as a clinical Pilates Instructor. She has a background in nursing and myotherapy. This composition of qualifications ensures an in deapth knowledge of the body , movement, function, injuries and rehabilitation.








                                                                Introcdcutory session                                                                                                       $82

                                                                Introductory session 2 people                                                                                        $50 p.p                                                        

                                                                Pilates 10 group sessions                                                                                                $280

                                                                Pilates  5 group sessions                                                                                                  $165

                                                                Private  Clinical Pilates session   - 1 x 45 minutes                                                        $82

                                                                Private  Clinical Pilates session   - 1 x 30 minutes                                                        $55

                                                                Duo  Clinical Pilates session        - 1 x 30 minutes                                                        $35 p.p

                                                                Duo  ClinicalPilates session        -  1 x 45 minutes                                                        $50 p,p




                       Conditions & Cancellations

We request that all clients please complete a health history form and consent form disclosing any important health issues upon

 commencement. To ensure quality service and booking management, any cancellation on the day of your class will incur the full

 fee. Bookings for Pilates cannot be held without current payment in place. We thank you for your understanding.


Monday         4pm - 8pm

Tuesday        8am - 9pm

Wednesday   9am - 8pm

Thursday       2pm - 9pm

Friday            8am - 5pm

Saturday      10.30am - 11.30am




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