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the local community of Warrandyte. Our Pilates and myotherapy are near East Doncaster, Park Orchard, Wonga Park, Warranwood, Templestowe,, North Ringwood, Research, Kangaroo Ground.



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    .......... Clients report vastly improved physical capacities,

                improved athletic performance, relaxation and 

                                          the control and elimination of pain......  

                                             What is Pilates?

Pilates is one of the safest and most effective exercises systems available. A well kept secret since the 1940’s Pilates has evolved into a unique workout method used by athletes dancers and physiotherapists and more recently adapted for health and wellbeing for the everyday person. 

Pilates exercise is performed on equipment specific to Pilates and it also involves a repertoir of mat work exercises performed without equipment.  Pilates develops strength, flexibility, balance, postural awareness, coordination and overall improved function.


                                        How Can Pilates Help Me?

Pilates is a very adaptive system which can be used to improve general fitness and wellbeing or enhance an athlete's performance or rehabilitate an injury. It is also very effective pre and post natally. See below a variety of ways Pilates can be applied- 




Pilates for Wellbeing

Tone, strengthen, increease your flexibility, core strength and balance and everything in daily life will feel easier!

You will notice increased energy levels, increased circulation and less  niggly aches and pains. Pilates will also enhance your activities like tennis, cycling, housework or running around after the kids.

Pilates for the Office 

Our modern living makes big demands on our posture as we find ourselves sitting for long periods at our desk or computer. We can begin to develop 'chair posture' ! where our upper body begins to curl forward, our tummy and back weaken and our legs tighten.

Pilates help help to prevent or correct this and help you sit for longer periods when  needed without experiencing pain or headaches etc..

Pilates for Sport 

Learning proper alignment and function will help you perform better. Stretching will help you keep pain free and improve your flexibility. Strength will simply empower you.

Pilates for Pregnancy & Mums

Pilates is very  helpful for pregnancy both during and after. As your body changes through pregnancy we can help maintain suipport through your body. This will help you through birth and also with recovery afterwards.

Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation

Pilates for Yoga

Pilates can develop core strength which can assist overstretched backs and also focus on alignment and balance through strength building terchniques. This will enhance stability for your poses and prevent joint pain.

Your injury does not need to become the new you! Pilates can help you feel better.

If you have suffered an injury Pilates can be formulated to help you recover as best as possible while also prevent further injury. After an initial assessment a plan is designed specifically for your conditon to reduce pain and restore function. Pilates for rehabilitation is comonly known as Clinical Pilates.