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Strength and Pilates

Pilates is known to have numerous benefits however it is not always a go to for strength training...

Did you know that developing strength is one of the key benefits of Pilates? Especially when it is taught in small groups by experienced teachers. This way you gain the benefits and avoid injury from performing poor techniques or over exerting yourself.


Strength training does not mean you will become big and bulky but instead help your body do the things it is designed to do more easily!

Key points of the benefits of increasing strength in your body acknowledged by science are-

  • It lowers your risk of heart attack and others diseases

  • helps safeguard against falls

  • Increases your ability to lead a healthy life and a longer life...

25+ Ways Pilates can help you!

1.   Pilates can help you FEEL better! - How? Please read on...

2.   Pilates is for the whole body,  great for core strength and abs

3.   Perfect rehab for back pain and other physical challenges

4.   Improves your flexibility

5.   Improves your posture

6.   Gives you more strength 

7.   Gives you energy

8.   Improves your focus and concentration

9.   It is controlled weight bearing exercise - so good and safe for joints

10.  Great for 'tummy, hips & thighs'

11.  Improves coordination

12.  Enhances your breathing and therefore overall health

13.  Improves your balance

14.  Makes household chores easier

15.  Improves pelvic floor function

16.  Creates body awareness

17.  Great for pre and post natal exercise

18.   Improves your sporting performance

19.  Develops balanced muscles and therefore a balanced body

20.  Movements become more efficient - ie. the right muscles for the job

21.  Increases your blood circulation - therefore improves overall health

22.  Releases the 'feel good' hormones

23.  Generally improves your spinal health

24.  Helps you sit at your desk without pain

25.  Prevents injuries

26.  Gives you tone without bulky muscles

27.  Can assist with weight loss

28.  Improves digestion - due to improved posture and blood circulation

29.  Can reduce headaches

30.  Enhances your qulaity of life...


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