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                  Relaxation Class


        Come and join us for a relaxation class to help relieve tension                                      in the body and the mind.....













                                            This class includes some simple movement and stretching, breathing and guided visual relaxation.

                                                                              The class will leave you with a sense of  calm and clarity.

                     This class is suitable for anyone who would like to learn some basic relaxation techniques that may have a roll on effect into daily life.


                                                                The class is held at the Warrandyte Community Centre in the Victory Room. 


                                                                                                      Monday at 8.30pm   Fee $20                      







             Instructions to book online                  To book online please click  the green button above first then once on the Bookings page click "login" on the

                                                                               top right corner  then 'create an account'.

                                                                               Once you have created an account please go to the Products tab and purchase a Relaxation Class for one

                                                                               or for 'Bring a friend for Free option'.                 

                                                                               Then go to the Sessions tab and click on the Book now tab on the right side next to the class.


             OR  you may pay by cash payment    at the door please arrive by 8.20pm 


                                                                              Bring a friend for free applies once per friend or family member 





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