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Welcome to Warrandyte Pilates and Physical Therapies. We offer small group Pilates equipment classes, clinical Pilates, myotherapy, remedial massage therapy and osteopathy. Our staff members are qualified, experienced and members of professional associations. Our intent is to provide you with services to enhance your health and wellbeing in a friendly and relaxed environment.  Our passion lies with improving and maintaining good health through exercise and physical therapies  - a recipe we know yields great results.




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Kym is the manager and is qualified in clinical Pilates and general Pilates and is also a myotherapist.

Prior to the eight years of operating this studio she assisted in the operation of  a popular inner city Pilates studio for ten years. She is also a registered nurse with experience in general rehabilitation.

In her free time she enjoys time with family and friends, travelling, yoga, meditation, reading, bushwalking, health retreats.

(Bachelor of Science - Nursing;  Advanced Diploma Myotherapy;  Clinical Pilates Instructor APPI,  (AAMT and APPI member).


Andrew - Pilates Teacher

Andrew’s sporting background includes distance running, triathlon and surfing. Pilates has helped him develop an understanding of the importance of correct movement technique in performance, rehabilitation from injury, and everyday life. He enjoys supporting his clients to achieve ongoing personal bests of functional strength and flexibility in a safe, friendly and fun environment.

Andrew completed his Diploma of Pilates Movement Therapy with the Australian Pilates Movement Association (APMA), and teaches as a Level 2 Instructor. When he is not teaching Pilates he likes exercising, walking in the forest, spending time with friends and reading. With qualifications and clinical experience also spanning psychology, nutrition and herbal medicine, Andrew brings a broad, integrative understanding of health to the Pilates studio.

[B.Bsc(Hon), Ph.D, DipHlthSci (Herbal Medicine), DipPMT (APMA)]


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Osteopthy Warrandyte

Philippa - Pilates Teacher

Philippa is passionate about helping people rehabilitate from injury and improve their strength, flexibility, posture, and well-being. She believes exercise is essential not only for a balanced body but also a healthy mind.

Philippa has a thorough understanding of human anatomy and with her knowledge of muscles, muscle recruitment patterns, muscular imbalances and inhibitions, spinal health, postural assessments and postural correction techniques, she creates fun, balanced, exercise programs to better client’s health and fitness. 

Philippa completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and Certificate in Pilates Matwork Instruction with National Pilates Training, is also a qualified Personal Trainer and when not teaching Pilates runs a small business making and selling beautiful handmade pottery from her studio in Warrandyte.

Evan - Osteopath

Evan completed his Bachelor of Applied Science and graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy from RMIT University. His further studies in exercise rehab, obstetrics and paediatrics allowed him to further expand his knowledge and experience with complex complaints. Evan believes communication is key to patient understanding and recovery, using his friendly nature to effectively connect with each and every patient.

After suffering a serious knee injury in 2011, he was able to successfully return to indoor soccer and cricket following rehabilitation. Evan’s passion for helping patients keeps him motivated. He also likes chocolate, a good coffee and taking his dogs for a run.

remedial massage

Margit - Myotherapist

Margit is a myotherapist takes an individual approcah with her treatments recogonising effective treatment needs to be tailored to meet the client's needs on the day. She likes to educate her clients about the importance of listening to the needs  of their body and recognising any issues before they develop. Margit utilises a variety of myotherapy techniques including trigger point therapy, dry needling therapy, muscle energy technique, myofacsial release, cupping, stretching and postural advice. Prior to completing  hermyotherapy studies Margit was a registered nurse and lived in Austria. She loves the Australian outdoors, bushawalking, skiing, tennis and PIlates. She is also a trainer and therapist for Hurstbridge football club and a committee member for Hurstbridge Tennis CLub.


Maja - Pilates Teacher

Maja is a previous athlete and an experienced movement practitioner and teacher. She brings an approach of curiosity, sincerity and kindness to her teaching, and believes in movement as a pathway to explore and befriend both what feels good and that which hurts. Maja has a keen interest in pre- and re-habilitation, women’s health and the wellbeing of retired athletes. She fuses ideas from mindfulness, somatic movement and myofascial release work into her Pilates repertoire to help clients develop greater awareness of their movement patterns and increase their capacity to make healthy movement choices. Her sessions usually comprise a curated blend of modern and functional Pilates with new twists on known repertoire. Maja lives with sporting and birth related joint dysfunction, arthritis and chronic pain, and draws on this both in her work and personally as an invaluable source of compassion and insight. In her spare time Maja hangs out with her husband, Bevan, their 4 year old son, Eddie, and family and friends, often swimming, surfing or freediving. Maja has an active arts practise blending dance, mindfulness based practises and nature/architecture.